Serving Hope

Serving Hope is a monthly meal served at the Rescue Outreach Mission (1701 W 13th St, Sanford, FL 32771). This is a time for the community to meet and enjoy a meal all together. We have music, games and fun for all ages.

Whether you are going through hard times and need a meal, or just don't want to cook that night, we invite you to join us!


Blessing Bags

Blessing Bags are a way to uplift and give back. We fill them with toiletries and hygiene products. We want people to be able to have necessities that we often take for granted. We fill up the bags and give them to public schools and our police officers who are able to distribute them where needed.

All of the products inside are donated by individuals and companies and are freely distributed. 


Hygiene Hampers

Hygiene Hampers are a convenient, central location for groups and individuals to drop off hygiene products. We place these hampers in local restaurants, churches, and places of business. We periodically collect the items from the hygiene hampers to fill the Blessing Bags.

We greatly appreciate your donations! Please contact us to have a hygiene hamper placed at your location.